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The Great Resignation Poll Results Are In

The Great Resignation Poll Results Are In

Yes, you heard that right. I personally made a poll on my Linked in, and asked the people in my network their preferences on how to counter the great resignation and what would keep them engaged as employees and the poll results are in.

Over the past month or so I’ve posted some thoughts and articles around the phenomenon “The Great Resignation”.
This is happening all around the world as the pandemic has caused many to go inward and reflect on whats really important to them.

They are reevaluating how to either integrate their work and life together or remove themselves entirely from their current jobs and to pursue new paths of employment, often seeking self-employment or other means of employment where there is less perceived stress and more control of their hours and life.

The effects of the Great Resignation have already been felt in the US and Europe, particularly in the Tech and Healthcare sectors, however it has had a knock-on effect across all industries and is believed to be on its way downunder soon.

The purpose of these posts is to prepare ourselves, our clients, HR Directors and the broader business community to, at the very least, understand how the employment landscape is changing AND what they might do to mitigate these risks should the Great Resignation take hold in Australia early next year.

You can view the poll results below, however to briefly summarise:

The Great Resignation

Almost 50% of respondents would value working flexibly either 2-3 days per week and a little over a third of respondents see an increase in compensation as the key drivers to retaining or attracting talent.

It is my hope that you find this information useful and engaging and it helps employers, hiring managers and HR executives think more specifically about what levers they can pull quickly and decisively to retain their best people while at the same time attracting new top talent.

Welcome to the Team, Amy Savage!

Welcome to the Team, Amy Savage!

We are absolutely delighted to welcome Amy Savage to the Oaktree Talent family.

Amy is an award winning recruiter whom Asha and I have had the pleasure of working with previously and whom we know is 100% committed to delivery for her clients and candidates.

Not only does she bring 17 years recruitment experience to our business, she is also a lovely human and fun to be around, so we are absolutely thrilled to have her on the team.

Amy joins us as an Associate Partner and will be focusing on mid level strategy role across multiple sectors. Amy is also a qualified Nutritionist and will be more than happy to give some hints and tips to our community to ensure you are focusing on your health as well and your wealth.


Sydney-based Senior Strategy Manager Position

Sydney-based Senior Strategy Manager Position

As a Sydney-based Senior Strategy Manager, your primary responsibility will be to develop and communicate strategies that support the company’s mission and goals. The strategies you create will influence and shape the direction of the company and its product lines. You will work closely with the Group Director of Strategy to ensure that the entire organization is aligned with the company’s vision. 

You will have a direct impact on senior management’s decision making.

This Sydney-based Senior Strategy Manager which is Exclusive to Oaktree will take home an annual income of $180,000 – $200,000 Base + Super + Bonus.

Your responsibilities will include:  

Understanding the landscape: You will be responsible for providing timely market trend reports and analysis of competitors and consumer behaviour. Your role is to identify opportunities and threats that may require a shift in strategy, and you’ll provide recommendations on how to address them. 

Developing the strategy: Take a proactive approach to identifying and solving strategic issues facing the business. 

Being a project leader: you will be responsible for analysing the problem presented and determine how to solve it. You will manage the team throughout the project and will prepare presentations that are ready for executive review. You will also be required to prepare presentations that are used to educate key stakeholders on the project’s progress. 

Working with the finance and commercial teams: You will help define the 3 to 5 year financial plans for the organization. Work with the commercial finance team to develop business cases and assess ROI for different investment scenarios and roadmap initiatives. 

Pricing and Packaging: Your goal is to help the company develop the right product suite, with the right price points in order to meet market demands and win on competition. 

We are looking for a candidate who has a background in both strategy consulting and ideally Australian media however open to other industries as well. 

If you’re a top tier consultant with experience in other related industries who would like to move into media, we’d be interested in speaking with you.  

We’re looking for a candidate with a proven track record of success in consulting. Ideally, you have experience working with teams to develop new strategies and processes. 

Additional requirements include:  

  • Strong PowerPoint and Excel modelling and data analysis/manipulation skills  
  • Exceptional relationship skills and business partnering experience  
  • Ability to apply analytical skills and conceptual thinking along with business acumen is essential  
  • Superior written communication skills in preparing and writing paper  
  • Strong presentation skills and the ability to articulate complicated concepts simply and concisely  
  • Excellent planning and organisational skills  
  • Ability to liaise confidently and effectively at all levels both internally and externally  
  • Skilled financial assessment and business case development  
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and manage several projects simultaneously and to tight deadlines  
  • Experience in tech and operations is considered favourably.  

If you do not want to be in the same job next year and you are ready for the change, then please reach out to us or drop your CV below.

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If you would also like to checkout other jobs that we are currently sourcing for, you can check it here.

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    The Great Resignation Part 2 and how this affects Australia Recruiters in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

    The Great Resignation Part 2 and how this affects Australia Recruiters in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

    The Great Resignation and how this affects Australia Recruiters. Part 2.

    Following our post last week, we thought it interesting to share what Australia’s view on the Great Resignation might look like.

    A recent report by Microsoft has found that more than 40 percent of the global workforce are thinking about quitting their jobs this year. This is likely to be especially significant in Australia, with experts predicting that the trend will hit the country in the first quarter of 2022.

    In our research, we found that the most common problems were::

    * The Balance of power has shifted to employees.

    It’s clear that employees are in high demand and companies will do whatever it takes to attract and retain them. Employees are an organization’s most valuable resource and companies are always on the lookout to hire the best people,.

    * The pandemic has rewritten the psychological contract between employers and employees.

    * Employees don’t want to be seen as workers. They’re not just interested in the experience they can have at work, they’re interested in what an employer does to enrich their life experience.

    * Flexibility is a big part of the equation for employees, along with how their employer makes them feel. Some are even quitting after being told they cant work remotely.

    * Many people are choosing to move away from ambition, to emphasise other aspects of life. Essentially, embracing career downsizing, looking for a job involving fewer hours or something with less responsibility and less stress.

    * Questioning what you want out of work and life doesn’t have to mean quitting your job completely, rather quitting certain aspects of it like excessive travel for example can be renegotiated.


    The advice to employers is to see this as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reconfigure work so that it’s actually designed for this new world that we find ourselves in.

    Companies need to focus on the needs of their employees, and find a way to drive their growth ambitions without over-stretching already fatigued staff.

    Be open to tweak current jobs or responsibilities to better suit the employees needs.

    To learn more about our hiring process, click here to find out more info on hiring, trends, and recruitment.

    Interview Process | Australia Recruiters

    Interview Process | Australia Recruiters

    What do candidates tell their friends about your company? How do they talk to their friends about their interview process? Are you doing everything you can to make sure your company is seen in a positive light during the interview process as Australia Recruiters? These are all important questions that most companies don’t even think about. One candidate has a bad interview experience, guess what? They tell 5 other potential candidates! Those candidates are the ones you may want to hire! 

    Interviews Process | Australia Recruiters

    Over the last month alone, we have had the following feedback from candidates about their interview process.

    The interviewer was late.
    They had obviously not even read my CV.
    They were responding to texts in the interview.
    I know it was a Friday, but they looked like they didn’t want to be there.
    They drilled me and didn’t let me ask any questions, so I have no idea if I am interested in the role.
    There is no way I could work for that person. They were so unfriendly.
    At the moment, the war for top talent is rife. This means if you want the best, you have to be seen as the best!  

    I would suggest all hiring managers consider the following three things:

    ✔ The cost of hiring, and I mean the cost of the time spent by you and your team interviewing candidates. Can you really afford to go through round after round of interviews to be turned down by the candidates you want? Put your best foot forward now so as not to revisit the whole process again.

    ✔ Who is the best person to interview candidates? Your top performer may be a superstar to you but how will they be perceived by candidates. Are they engaging? Do they have the right level of experience to ensure the person in front of them is not thinking “I’m more experienced than them, how am I a peer?”.

    Many clients think they are too busy to do the first meeting themselves but, if you are investing in using a recruiter to bring the best talent to the table, you need to make the best first impression possible.

    ✔ What is your value proposition? You wouldn’t rock up to a sales pitch without this down-pat would you?

    The things candidates care about are:

    1/People want to work with and for good people! Be inspiring but humble. Cite others in the business who are also noteworthy.

    2/Is the work interesting and can they have a tangible impact.

    3/What are the future prospects and will they be visible.

    4/ At the moment, work/life balance and flexibility. Burnout is becoming a problem!

    It is all about ROI folks, I guarantee you it is better to invest in a short, smooth process than spend hours of your time and your team’s time, doing average interviews and getting offers rejected. It is also better for your brand, as candidates talk!

    If you want to know more how the interview process works, read them up on here.