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Are you actually job change ready?

At the moment we are seeing many candidates a little paralysed when it comes to making a job change, especially if considering leaving a top-tier consulting firm.

The past few years have been a wake-up call that has given many a different outlook on their careers and many are choosing to make a change because they’ve realised what’s truly important to them.

But just because you feel there could be a better situation for you to be in, it doesn’t mean you are ready to bite the bullet.

We find some consultants must do a lot of soul-searching and have many conversations before they are fully “change ready”.

We often place candidates a year + after our initial conversation as they simply do not know what they do not know.

They often come to us with a questionable checklist of must-haves that align more with title, salary, and branding of firm, but when you dig deeper with them you can unpack what they are really solving for.

Are you running towards something new and exciting or running from an unsatisfactory work environment?

The latter can mean you feel dissatisfied, but moving company will not necessarily make you happier.

Maybe you’re not operating in a role that allows you to shine. Or it could be the lack of connection to a purpose in the role.

Before making a drastic change, consider whether you would be happy to stay put if tweaks were made in your current role.

This means considering your skills, interests, work-life balance requirements, and long-term goals, to help make an informed decision about what will lead to greater career satisfaction. And have that conversation with your manager.

The Checklist:

If you’re thinking of making a career change, it’s important to:

✔️Take the time to evaluate and identify your “WHY”. What problem are you trying to solve?

✔️Think about whether the new job will fit into your lifestyle.

✔️What work/tasks made you the happiest?

✔️What are your unique genius skills – the skills you excel at, can you use these in your desired new role?

✔️Really think about where you want to be in 5 years’ time. Does the path you are on align with that goal? You could work with a career coach if you are unsure what this path looks like for you.

Have lots of “coffee chats “with people who are already doing the job you think you want to do and ask them for their advice and tips.

Find out if the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

Set your boundaries around work-life balance when attacking your job search. Talk to people in the business you are considering joining. Is the flexible work environment the hiring manager is selling you truly a good match?

Talk to a specialist recruiter to understand what is possible and what is not with the skills you currently have. You may need to adjust your expectations, you may need a stepping stone move to reach your desired role.

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