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How do you climb the ladder to get to the C-suite??

We’ve got better insights on how to climb the corporate ladder and get to the C-suite role. Yes, We are Australia Based Recruiters who want to help strategy and transformation consultants climb up the C-suite role faster.

Having now spoken to many CEOs and executives from past consultants in McKinsey, Bain, and BCG on the podcast and more generally day to day, I always make a point of asking their advice about how to get to the top…

The key messages we keep hearing from these Executives around this specific topic as Australia Based Recruiters are:

🌟Don’t stress too much about your first step out of consulting.
🌟Align yourself to the right leaders.
🌟Try to gain as many experiences as you can.
🌟Put your hand up for the project or task that is keeping your boss awake at night and nail it
🌟Do the hard job that nobody else wants to do, that will get you recognised, seen, rewarded.
🌟Be bold, back yourself.
🌟Ask for constructive feedback when you don’t get the promotion or gig you were after, work on your blind spots.

This article echo’s some of their key messages and gives some more insightful pointers to help accelerate your career progression.

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