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Value Important Things

Value Important Things

Learn how to value Important things! Humans have a tendency for the value of something to drop when they have it. It’s a common human tendency to lose purpose when we finally achieve something. When you’ve been trying for so long, it can be hard to not have that feeling of achievement once you get there. It doesn’t matter what the goal is – even if it’s just a new hairstyle or a promotion at work – people seem to lose it’s worth in it when they don’t have it anymore. What do you think? Is this true for you too?

We value something less when we have it as opposed to not having it anymore. For example, when you are sick, the importance of your health increases.

It is really just how to value important things.

Value Important Things

When we have “things” we tend to take them for granted. When we lose them or they are taken away, their value increases again. It’s easy to lose sight of what you’re actually trying to achieve when you finally get it. You forget about all the hard work and time invested in seeing your goals through, because there is no longer any pressure or fear of not achieving them. And then, the moment that pressure starts to return, we find ourselves obsessive over our goal again; maybe even more than before.

There are many factors involved in the value of something including scarcity and desirability which can contribute to its value.

When we lose something that was valuable to us, it will regain its value once returned or replaced with a suitable substitute. This is a very human trait but I hope to remember this time for years to come as a lesson in gratitude.

I think the life lesson here is practicing gratitude for what you have will make you a much happier person. Think relationships, job, health, lifestyle. Don’t wait until you experience loss to appreciate these things.
What things do you value most right now that you have missed? Do you know how to value important things?

We offer more advise here in this page.

Busy to Interview? | Strategy Brisbane Recruiters

Busy to Interview? | Strategy Brisbane Recruiters

If you think you are too busy to interview for a new job, this one is for you. We get it! It can be hard enough just trying to keep up with the demands of work, family, and life in these strange times. As Strategy Brisbane Recruiters, we are aware of these sorts of demands. However, we are observing a worrying trend currently that could negatively impact many overworked consultants.

We have seen a lot of movement in the world of strategy management consulting. The pandemic has made many rethink their lives and careers and we have observed an increase in candidate movement in the strategy sector since the lockdowns began.

Yes, we would know these sort of things as we are Strategy Brisbane Recruiters.

But for the ones left behind in under resourced teams, and with ever-increasing requests for new project work, we are hearing they are the ones picking up the slack, working insane hours, and burning themselves out. Often, they too are also keen to explore other options to address their own work/life balance but feel they are literally too slammed to add in a job search.

When you’re super tired from all that’s weighing you down, a job search feels like an impossible task.

Strategy Brisbane Recruiters

It is important to stop and remind yourself exactly what is important to you. The answer starts with understanding yourself and values, and then figuring out how much is enough. Try to visualise what life could be like 6 months from now. 6 months from now in a role that feels like utopia, how will that feel? And then 6 months from now if nothing changes. How does that feel?

The market tends to be crazy busy between now and Christmas, and then you can expect hiring managers to take extended leave. So, as Strategy Brisbane Recruiters, we advise you that now is the time to act, especially if you think 6 months from now nothing changing does not feel good at your core.

At the bare minimum:

✔ Identify the types of roles that would interest you and tailor a resume to suit this (resume template link in the comments)

✔ Update your Linked In profile to ensure it demonstrates your skills and capabilities akin to your ideal role. Then turn on “Open to work”. Hiring managers can find you this way.

✔ Reach out to your network for a meet & greet conversation. You will gain more perspective of what is possible.

✔ Enlist the help of one highly specialised strategy Brisbane recruiters to have your back and make introductions for you. Do not over egg the custard.

✔Find time to prep for each conversation, a good recruiter will be able to advise you of the minimum prep required and the fastest way to do it.

Make 2022 your year and be the best version of yourself.

If you want to learn more about our jobs, head on to our jobs page.

Strategy Recruiters Melbourne Tips for “Meet & Greet”

Strategy Recruiters Melbourne Tips for “Meet & Greet”

Many clients are offering ‘meet & greet” 1st meetings with potential candidates as the war for talent increases. As Strategy Recruiters in Melbourne, we would want you to know that usually Meet & Greets are considered Interview, so don’t be complacent.

It seems to be a candidates market at the moment, however, candidates can lose their dream job before the formal interview process has even begun by being too complacent.

A meet & greet with a potential hiring manager should still be considered an interview, and it is a really important part of the recruitment process. It can often determine whether or not you get offered a formal interview, so it’s important to take your preparation seriously.

As Strategy Recruiters in Melbourne, we are finding that so many management consultants are flat out with their projects currently they are not finding time to prepare for interviews. This can be a big mistake.

As we always say, you want to get offered the job, or even the next interview whether you later decide you want it or not. You want to be the one to make the decision and you want to leave a positive impression. After all, the market is small and you may, one day, encounter the hiring manager in another capacity.

As Strategy Recruiters in Melbourne, we can not tell you the number of times a candidate kicks themselves when being rejected for a role they didn’t know they wanted until it was too late.

strategy recruiters melbourne

Here are some simple tips for fast meet & greet interview preparation as Strategy Recruiters Melbourne.

1. Write down keywords you want to mention during the interview. The buzz words that your employer uses are often in the Job Description. This way, if your mind goes blank during the interview, you know what to fall back on.

2. As Strategy Recruiters Melbourne, Prepare examples of your past work that relate to this job role. This way you can talk about how you have used your skills in a practical setting and how you can use these skills with them. Think about what impact you personally made.

3. Be prepared to talk about your strengths as well as weaknesses, don’t be afraid of this question. Focus on being self-aware, honest, and dedicated to improvement. Authenticity and positive rapport wins the day.

4. Prepare questions you want to ask the interviewer and write them down. This shows you are engaged and interested and don’t just expect to be sold to.

5. Do your homework. Dig out company results, news articles, and press releases. Just as you would if you were pitching to a new client.

6. Dress the part, always dress for success even on Zoom. Clients do not expect a full suit and tie most of the time however your PJ’s are not acceptable attire. (Yes this has actually happened recently!)

We also have other interview tips which you can find here: https://oaktreetalent.com/interview-prep-tips/

You may be extremely busy in your working day however, spreading the time preparing for the meet & greet interview will pay off. You will show up relaxed and confident, and even if you decide the role is not for you, you will have left a good impression and had a more enjoyable conversation.

Practice makes perfect so the more interviews you ace the more likely it is for you to nail the job interview that could be life-changing.

Myths in Strategy | In the Eyes of a Strategy Recruiter in Australia

Myths in Strategy | In the Eyes of a Strategy Recruiter in Australia

There are many misconceptions about strategy. We’ve seen this as Strategy Recruiters in Australia. It can be difficult to get it right because there is so much misinformation out there! 

The first question you should ask yourself is: “What am I trying to do?” This sounds simple, but this single question will help you define your strategy and then identify the other questions that need to be answered in order for your company’s strategy to work – such as what resources should we use? What actions should we take? Who needs to know about our plan? etc. 

But the reality is, for many people, it’s actually too complicated or even downright difficult to create a sound strategy. This blog post will show you myths about strategy – what they are and why they’re so wrong! Read on for more information about each one! 
If you’ve ever been to a business conference or read an article about strategic planning, then you know that strategy is one of the most important things in business. It’s what helps you make decisions and it’s also what you use to execute those decisions as well. But strategy can be tough to get right because there are so many myths out there about it! Here are a few myths that people often believe but just aren’t true. Read on for the truth behind each myth! 

strategy recruiters australia

Myths we’ve debunked as Strategy Recruiters in Australia

1) Strategy doesn’t work if your company employs a strategy for more than five years 

To succeed in a competitive industry, you need to be able think critically and quickly. You cannot afford complacency with your strategy because the market will change – so changes must come soon or else risk losing business 

Just last year there were many instances when long-held assumptions about certain industries came under attack from new players who have different perspectives on how things work. This has caused businesses operating within those sectors (including yours!) some real difficulties as they try figure out what their next steps should be if these competitors are right around every corner waiting for an opportunity like this one! 

2) Disruptors are always on the lookout for new ways to disrupt.  

Disrupted industries need disruption from a different perspective, in order to get back up and running as quickly as possible – like Amazon with cloud services or Facebook with messaging apps. Innovation has become one of their key weapons because it allows them not just sustain but also expand growth over time while maintaining margins through cost cutting measures such large-scale production runs which can drive prices down drastically if done correctly 

3) Competitive advantage is not dead, and hyper-competition in the market has only just begun. 

The reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated: Amazon’s competitive edge as an online retailer was broken by Google Shopping last year; Facebook lost over $3 billion dollars during Q1 2019 from various Instagram competitors like Snapchat or Pinterest – proving that even if one company dominates a certain sector it cannot stop other entities entering into their space nor can they prevent them from causing significant financial damage when others enter with more nimble strategies . We need multiple advantages rather than rely on 1 single strategy alone for success because there will always be new technologies coming out which challenge long standing practices 

4) The future of business is digital.  

The future of business is digital.  If you try to optimize the parts without optimizing your whole, then what will happen? You might end up with a sub-optimized company that can’t compete in this new and changing landscape of tech! It’s important for all companies – not just one specific sector or function – needs an effective strategy when it comes down so how do we make sure each part has been considered carefully before any decisions are made about them too broadly; because if everyone does their own thing without thinking things through thoroughly first hand no body wins… 

Do not think like “I want my IT department handling these issues” instead ask yourself “What am i trying achieve by having a digital team?”

If you want to check out our jobs, you may visit the job board here: https://oaktreetalent.com/our-jobs/

We’ve covered several myths in strategy as strategy recruiters in Australia that are not true, but what about you? How has your experience been with these aspects of the profession? Let us know and we can discuss how to improve. If you would like help crafting a plan for your company, contact our team today! 

Head of Group Strategy | Jobs Sydney

Head of Group Strategy | Jobs Sydney

We are a consulting firm that offers and has partnership with a company that is of need of a Head of Strategy here in Sydney. We have a ton of Strategy Jobs Sydney, and would want to offer this position to the public.

HEAD OF GROUP STRATEGY, Strategy Jobs Sydney

Our client is a top-tier leader in their industry and currently assessing new opportunities to drive growth, disrupt, innovate and continue to thrive within their sector. This is your opportunity to be part of a stellar team of Strategy and Business professionals who have cultivated a culture of inclusion, collaboration and action led by one of the industry’s best people leaders. This position has become available due to an internal move and you too will benefit from a clear career path when you join us as a Head of in their Group Strategy team.

Strategy Jobs Sydney

Strategy Jobs Sydney

Position overview:

This position, Head of Group Strategy, has the scope to adapt the budgets, policies and procedures within broadly defined parameters and may manage the delivery of operational outcomes of a team that is integrated across the Enterprise to agreed metrics/objectives.

You will be accountable for:

  • Leading the end-to-end design, development and delivery of significant strategic initiatives by adopting a well-planned and thoughtful leadership approach.
  • Delivering compelling, structured presentations that clearly articulate recommendations
  • Providing input into strategic projects and initiatives managed elsewhere in the Group
  • Supporting the execution and delivery of specific strategy initiatives & broader Group Strategy
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with colleagues and senior leaders across the company.
  • Developing industry relationships and an understanding of market and customer trends
  • You will be involved in enterprise-wide projects that could include:
    • Digital transformation,
    • Buy now pay later initiatives and
    • Other emerging markets or trends impacting the Banking sector.

What you will bring 

  • Significant breadth of experience in corporate strategy consulting, gained either in a consulting firm, investment bank or in-house with a large corporate
  • Demonstrated expertise in strategy formulation and strategic planning along with experience in transformation program design and delivery
  • Proven ability to interact, challenge and influence senior stakeholders effectively at all levels (including members of the Executive Leadership Team and Board)
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills with the ability to see the big picture and navigate complex challenges.
  • A positive attitude and strong motivation to support the learning & development of junior colleagues.
  • Post Graduate Degree, preferably MBA
  • 8+ years practical experience in financial services, strategy formulation, strategic planning and/or major project management.
  • Financial Services industry experience essential

We have more jobs here at: https://oaktreetalent.com/our-jobs/

If you believe that you would be great for this position, then we are very interested in hearing from you. Please drop your CV below.


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