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If you think you are too busy to interview for a new job, this one is for you. We get it! It can be hard enough just trying to keep up with the demands of work, family, and life in these strange times. As Strategy Brisbane Recruiters, we are aware of these sorts of demands. However, we are observing a worrying trend currently that could negatively impact many overworked consultants.

We have seen a lot of movement in the world of strategy management consulting. The pandemic has made many rethink their lives and careers and we have observed an increase in candidate movement in the strategy sector since the lockdowns began.

Yes, we would know these sort of things as we are Strategy Brisbane Recruiters.

But for the ones left behind in under resourced teams, and with ever-increasing requests for new project work, we are hearing they are the ones picking up the slack, working insane hours, and burning themselves out. Often, they too are also keen to explore other options to address their own work/life balance but feel they are literally too slammed to add in a job search.

When you’re super tired from all that’s weighing you down, a job search feels like an impossible task.

Strategy Brisbane Recruiters

It is important to stop and remind yourself exactly what is important to you. The answer starts with understanding yourself and values, and then figuring out how much is enough. Try to visualise what life could be like 6 months from now. 6 months from now in a role that feels like utopia, how will that feel? And then 6 months from now if nothing changes. How does that feel?

The market tends to be crazy busy between now and Christmas, and then you can expect hiring managers to take extended leave. So, as Strategy Brisbane Recruiters, we advise you that now is the time to act, especially if you think 6 months from now nothing changing does not feel good at your core.

At the bare minimum:

✔ Identify the types of roles that would interest you and tailor a resume to suit this (resume template link in the comments)

✔ Update your Linked In profile to ensure it demonstrates your skills and capabilities akin to your ideal role. Then turn on “Open to work”. Hiring managers can find you this way.

✔ Reach out to your network for a meet & greet conversation. You will gain more perspective of what is possible.

✔ Enlist the help of one highly specialised strategy Brisbane recruiters to have your back and make introductions for you. Do not over egg the custard.

✔Find time to prep for each conversation, a good recruiter will be able to advise you of the minimum prep required and the fastest way to do it.

Make 2022 your year and be the best version of yourself.

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