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Boost Quality of Hires using an Australia Recruitment Agency

Boost Quality of Hires using an Australia Recruitment Agency

Benefits of using an Australia Recruitment Agency? What can organisations do to boost the quality of their hires in this candidate-short market when using an Australia recruitment agency?

Easy! Ensure you are doing these 4 simple steps.

1. Work hard to attract them and then work even harder to hire them:
Engaging people in the right way, making them feel your intention and energy goes a very long way!!

2. Truly partner with your  Australia recruitment agency, trust them and take their advice. If in doubt ask your agent how best to partner with them to achieve your desired result based on their experience. So pick the right partner!

Australia Recruitment Agency

3. Move super fast! Don’t delay, move to fireside chats quickly and interviews even quicker if the candidate’s change readiness is clear.

4. Be a place where prospective candidates want to work. Be clear on your EVP, celebrate your companies’ accolades and achievements openly and on social media, but most importantly create a culture that lures the best your industry has to offer. Never ever become complacent just because you were once an iconic brand that attracted good people in the past. If you do this, you’ve already lost the talent war!

Advice on best practice shared by recruitment guru Greg Savage.

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Diversity in our Placements | Australia Recruiters

Diversity in our Placements | Australia Recruiters

We are happy to say that gender diversity or diversity in our placements as Australia Recruiters is on the rise. This year, approximately 53% of all new hires were women. This is an increase from our previous years where women comprised 50% or less of each cohort. Additionally, we have seen a trend towards more companies emphasizing the importance of gender diversity in more senior roles.

Our placements of executives at the head and general management levels were 57% female and 43% male for the year.

We’ve noticed a trend of our clients wanting to see a 50/50 split on resumes. In fact, it seems like companies are looking for a more diverse pool of potential candidates. We recruit across all sectors and this is according to the market as a whole.

Diversity in our placements is a much more complex topic than gender alone. We are committed to providing our clients with a diverse shortlist of candidates, which is why we consistently encourage our recruiters to not only consider gender but also other factors such as race, ethnicity and religion.

Well done to the Oaktree team for striving hard with gender diversity in mind when shortlisting candidates for our clients.

Diversity in our Placements | Australia Recruiters

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Power of Forging Strong Partnerships | Melbourne Recruiters

Power of Forging Strong Partnerships | Melbourne Recruiters

If you are a hiring manager, I cannot stress enough the power of forging strong partnerships with your recruiter in this candidate short market!

This message was echoed by recruitment legend and guru Greg Savage in his blog yesterday where he quotes “The motivation and aspirations of ‘candidates’ have changed so significantly that in many cases, the ‘benefits’ that big companies offer, like brand and great offices, career opportunities and visibility, are just not that important to many.”

“There are limited candidates. These candidates have widely changing priorities.”

“People’s values have shifted. Their priorities have been re-calibrated. And this has collided with an evolving labour market where they have more choice than ever.” (Full blog link here).

Power of Forging Strong Partnerships

The power of forging partnerships is fairly important nowadays.

Where clients continue to run old school processes, where they do not try to understand what candidates really want, do not give them a personalised interview process, or work hard to attract them, they can be often wasting their time even running a processes.

They will inevitably end up initiating their search again (thus wasting many man-hours of their team’s time), damaging their brand, and not getting the desired result.

Recruiters also do not want to run processes more than once, they need to get paid for their work and they are opting to prioritise clients that will take on board their counsel. They equally want to ensure their candidates are getting a good recruitment experience.

At the end of the day, recruiters are on the front line speaking to these candidates every single day.

It is a talent short market and due to the above recruiters will go above and beyond for the clients where candidates are likely to accept offers.

This often comes down to the attitude and appeal of the hiring manager.

Most of our clients have an extremely high bar for recruitment and we are lucky that the majority of our clients welcome the opportunity to understand how they can attract the best talent and run smooth processes and implement recruitment strategies to ensure success.

I would suggest for any hiring managers struggling to attract talent, partner with your recruiter to understand how you will become a client candidates want to work for and prioritise your recruitment process to get it right the first time.

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The Great Resignation Part 2 and how this affects Australia Recruiters in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

The Great Resignation Part 2 and how this affects Australia Recruiters in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

The Great Resignation and how this affects Australia Recruiters. Part 2.

Following our post last week, we thought it interesting to share what Australia’s view on the Great Resignation might look like.

A recent report by Microsoft has found that more than 40 percent of the global workforce are thinking about quitting their jobs this year. This is likely to be especially significant in Australia, with experts predicting that the trend will hit the country in the first quarter of 2022.

In our research, we found that the most common problems were::

* The Balance of power has shifted to employees.

It’s clear that employees are in high demand and companies will do whatever it takes to attract and retain them. Employees are an organization’s most valuable resource and companies are always on the lookout to hire the best people,.

* The pandemic has rewritten the psychological contract between employers and employees.

* Employees don’t want to be seen as workers. They’re not just interested in the experience they can have at work, they’re interested in what an employer does to enrich their life experience.

* Flexibility is a big part of the equation for employees, along with how their employer makes them feel. Some are even quitting after being told they cant work remotely.

* Many people are choosing to move away from ambition, to emphasise other aspects of life. Essentially, embracing career downsizing, looking for a job involving fewer hours or something with less responsibility and less stress.

* Questioning what you want out of work and life doesn’t have to mean quitting your job completely, rather quitting certain aspects of it like excessive travel for example can be renegotiated.


The advice to employers is to see this as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reconfigure work so that it’s actually designed for this new world that we find ourselves in.

Companies need to focus on the needs of their employees, and find a way to drive their growth ambitions without over-stretching already fatigued staff.

Be open to tweak current jobs or responsibilities to better suit the employees needs.

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Interview Process | Australia Recruiters

Interview Process | Australia Recruiters

What do candidates tell their friends about your company? How do they talk to their friends about their interview process? Are you doing everything you can to make sure your company is seen in a positive light during the interview process as Australia Recruiters? These are all important questions that most companies don’t even think about. One candidate has a bad interview experience, guess what? They tell 5 other potential candidates! Those candidates are the ones you may want to hire! 

Interviews Process | Australia Recruiters

Over the last month alone, we have had the following feedback from candidates about their interview process.

The interviewer was late.
They had obviously not even read my CV.
They were responding to texts in the interview.
I know it was a Friday, but they looked like they didn’t want to be there.
They drilled me and didn’t let me ask any questions, so I have no idea if I am interested in the role.
There is no way I could work for that person. They were so unfriendly.
At the moment, the war for top talent is rife. This means if you want the best, you have to be seen as the best!  

I would suggest all hiring managers consider the following three things:

✔ The cost of hiring, and I mean the cost of the time spent by you and your team interviewing candidates. Can you really afford to go through round after round of interviews to be turned down by the candidates you want? Put your best foot forward now so as not to revisit the whole process again.

✔ Who is the best person to interview candidates? Your top performer may be a superstar to you but how will they be perceived by candidates. Are they engaging? Do they have the right level of experience to ensure the person in front of them is not thinking “I’m more experienced than them, how am I a peer?”.

Many clients think they are too busy to do the first meeting themselves but, if you are investing in using a recruiter to bring the best talent to the table, you need to make the best first impression possible.

✔ What is your value proposition? You wouldn’t rock up to a sales pitch without this down-pat would you?

The things candidates care about are:

1/People want to work with and for good people! Be inspiring but humble. Cite others in the business who are also noteworthy.

2/Is the work interesting and can they have a tangible impact.

3/What are the future prospects and will they be visible.

4/ At the moment, work/life balance and flexibility. Burnout is becoming a problem!

It is all about ROI folks, I guarantee you it is better to invest in a short, smooth process than spend hours of your time and your team’s time, doing average interviews and getting offers rejected. It is also better for your brand, as candidates talk!

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The Great Resignation and how this affects Australia Recruiters in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

The Great Resignation and how this affects Australia Recruiters in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

The Great Resignation, is this a warning sign or a fad? You be the the judge. This article is talking about the great resignation and how it affects Australia Recruiters today.
If this trend continues, it will challenge Corporates & HR to the end of their tether.

Great Resignation

Key points to consider as Australia Recruiters:

* Resignation rates are highest among mid-career employees in the age range of 30-45
* 4million employees resigned in the US in July 2021 alone with a record-breaking 11 million open jobs at the end of that month.
* Tech and Health sectors hardest hit, but predicting a cross sector fallout to follow.


* The pandemic has caused many employees, in the US, to consider their work and lifestyle choices.
* Many are choosing lifestyle over career or creating their own jobs through more creative means, investing in start-ups with more at risk or seeking jobs that offer remote working so as to create flexibility and avoid the long commutes.
* This has created a brain-drain on Corporates and this trend is escalating.


Take a data-driven approach to:

1. Quantify the problem:
Calculate your retention rate with this formula: # of Separations per Year ÷ Average Total Number of Employees = Turnover Rate AND compare it to voluntary resignations vs layoff and firings.

2. Assess the Root cause:
After identifying the scope of the problem, it’s important to dive deeper into whats driving it so you can develop customised programs aimed at mitigating the issues identified.

3. Develop Customised Retention Strategies.

Here at Oaktree Talent Group, we’re constantly monitoring the employment landscape and can help our clients think through some of these emerging issues and work collaboratively to solve their most difficult talent problems. If you are also interested, check out our posted jobs here.

Please reach out if you’d you’d like to discuss how to adapt your talent approach and talent pipelining activities and get ahead of the curve to attract the best in the market. Please email ilan@oaktreetalent.com if interested