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Are you actually job change ready?

Are you actually job change ready?

Are you actually job change ready?

At the moment we are seeing many candidates a little paralysed when it comes to making a job change, especially if considering leaving a top-tier consulting firm.

The past few years have been a wake-up call that has given many a different outlook on their careers and many are choosing to make a change because they’ve realised what’s truly important to them.

But just because you feel there could be a better situation for you to be in, it doesn’t mean you are ready to bite the bullet.

We find some consultants must do a lot of soul-searching and have many conversations before they are fully “change ready”.

We often place candidates a year + after our initial conversation as they simply do not know what they do not know.

They often come to us with a questionable checklist of must-haves that align more with title, salary, and branding of firm, but when you dig deeper with them you can unpack what they are really solving for.

Are you running towards something new and exciting or running from an unsatisfactory work environment?

The latter can mean you feel dissatisfied, but moving company will not necessarily make you happier.

Maybe you’re not operating in a role that allows you to shine. Or it could be the lack of connection to a purpose in the role.

Before making a drastic change, consider whether you would be happy to stay put if tweaks were made in your current role.

This means considering your skills, interests, work-life balance requirements, and long-term goals, to help make an informed decision about what will lead to greater career satisfaction. And have that conversation with your manager.

The Checklist:

If you’re thinking of making a career change, it’s important to:

✔️Take the time to evaluate and identify your “WHY”. What problem are you trying to solve?

✔️Think about whether the new job will fit into your lifestyle.

✔️What work/tasks made you the happiest?

✔️What are your unique genius skills – the skills you excel at, can you use these in your desired new role?

✔️Really think about where you want to be in 5 years’ time. Does the path you are on align with that goal? You could work with a career coach if you are unsure what this path looks like for you.

Have lots of “coffee chats “with people who are already doing the job you think you want to do and ask them for their advice and tips.

Find out if the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

Set your boundaries around work-life balance when attacking your job search. Talk to people in the business you are considering joining. Is the flexible work environment the hiring manager is selling you truly a good match?

Talk to a specialist recruiter to understand what is possible and what is not with the skills you currently have. You may need to adjust your expectations, you may need a stepping stone move to reach your desired role.

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Embrace the Pause

Embrace the Pause

Embrace the Pause: Why Taking Sabbaticals and Career Breaks is the Ultimate Burnout Prevention Strategy 

As a strategy professional in today’s fast paced environment the lines between work and personal life often blur. Balance is hard to achieve, and burnout is real. Finding balance is a constant challenge, and burnout lurks as a real threat. 

A report by the University of Melbourne reveals some alarming statistics. 81% of the Australian workforce is grappling with stress and burnout. Even more alarming is that this surpasses the global average of 73%.  

Dr. Brendan Churchill, a sociologist and co-author of the report, noted, “With high rates of fatigue and exhaustion among younger and middle-aged workers, it’s no surprise that over a third of prime-aged workers in Australia are considering quitting their jobs.” 

At Oaktree Talent, we recognise the crucial importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Not only for immediate well-being but also for long-term career fulfilment.  

The pressure to perform at an elevated level, meet tight project deadlines, and juggle responsibilities can take a toll on both mental and physical well-being.  

So, what is the solution?  

Understanding Burnout 

Before we explore the benefits of sabbaticals and career breaks, let us define burnout. It is more than feeling tired or stressed. The Australian Government describe it as “a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion resulting from prolonged stress, excessive workload, and a lack of fulfilment or purpose in one’s work”. 

For strategy professionals, who often work long hours, travel frequently, and face intense pressure to deliver results, burnout can manifest in several ways: 

  • Chronic fatigue and exhaustion 
  • Feelings of cynicism or detachment from work 
  • Reduced productivity and motivation 
  • Increased susceptibility to illness and health issues 
  • Strained relationships with colleagues and clients 

Unchecked burnout can have profound consequences on both our careers and our well-being. 

At Oaktree Talent, we are committed to supporting our candidates in maintaining their well-being. That is why we have developed a simple two-minute checklist to assess burnout. This tool aims to help individuals identify any signs of burnout and take the necessary steps to prevent it. You can find the assessment tool here. 

Sabbaticals and Career Breaks as a Prevention Strategy 

Amid the burnout epidemic, sabbaticals and career breaks have emerged as powerful tools for rejuvenation, renewal, and personal growth. Here is why taking time off from work can be the ultimate burnout prevention strategy:  

Rest and Recovery – Burnout often stems from extreme stress and exhaustion. Taking a break from work allows us to rest and recover. Stepping away from the daily grind can recharge our batteries and replenish our energy reserves. 

Stress Reduction – Continuous exposure to workplace stress can contribute to burnout. Time away from work provides us with the opportunity to remove ourselves from these stresses. During this time, we can gain perspective and promote relaxation, making it easier to manage stress upon our return. 

Work-Life Balance – Maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life is crucial for preventing burnout. Sabbaticals and career breaks allow us to focus on our personal well-being. Time off work gives us more time for activities that bring us joy and fulfilment. Integrating lessons on achieving balance into our work life post-break is essential. 

Perspective and Reflection – Stepping back from our day-to-day work allows us to gain perspective. A time to reflect on our career goals and values. The opportunity to pinpoint areas of dissatisfaction or burnout. This introspective process empowers us to make necessary changes when we return.  Working with a coach can help achieve this and ensure that the magic from the sabbatical or career break is woven back into life post time off. 

Personal Growth and Development – Sabbaticals and career breaks offer opportunities for personal growth and development. Whether it’s pursuing hobbies, traveling, volunteering, or furthering education, engaging in different activities broadens our perspectives and enhances our well-being. 

Building Resilience – Taking a career break or sabbatical can help to build resilience. Investing in self-care and personal development during our time off equips us with the skills and mindset needed to navigate challenges. We can use these skills to help us bounce back from setbacks, reducing the likelihood of burnout. 

Work-Life Integration – Many contractors are embracing a different approach to work-life balance through work-life integration. Rather than viewing work and personal life as separate entities, they see them as interconnected. This mindset shift allows contractors to weave mini career breaks into their work life. Listen to S4 EP10 of the Strategy Bites Podcast to hear how ex Roland Berger consultant Mailys Pauletto has done exactly this.  


In conclusion, taking a sabbatical or career break can be the ultimate burnout prevention strategy. By prioritising rest, relaxation, reflection, and personal growth, we can achieve greater success and career fulfilment.    

So, why not embrace the pause and give yourself the gift of time away from work—it may be the best investment you ever make in your future.

Benefits of Relocating to Australia

Benefits of Relocating to Australia

🌟 Work-Life Balance: Embrace a healthier work-life balance in Australia, where prioritising well-being is ingrained in the culture. Enjoy flexible work arrangements, and a supportive environment that values your personal time.

💼 High-Demand Job Market: Australia’s thriving economy presents abundant job opportunities across various sectors, including consulting, finance, retail, technology and more.

🏥 World-Class Healthcare: Access world-class healthcare services and facilities, ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Australia’s healthcare system is renowned for its quality, accessibility, and comprehensive coverage.

Learn more about the other fantastic roles we are offering here.

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Why Sydney

Why Sydney

Why Sydney?

🏖️ Unbeatable Lifestyle: Sydney offers a perfect blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty, providing an unparalleled quality of life.  Spend time hiking in the National Parks only minutes drive from the CBD or enjoy Manly, Australia’s number 1 best beach and ranked number 7 in the world bu Trip Advisors Travelers’ Choice Awards 2024. You know you can still ski in Australia right?  Only 7 hour drive from Sydney are the Snowy Mountains!

🌆 Thriving Business Hub: As Australia’s economic powerhouse, Sydney boasts a dynamic business landscape, bustling with innovation and opportunity. Joining Sydney’s workforce means immersing yourself in a culture of growth and success, with access to a diverse range of industries and top-tier companies.

🌞 Ideal Climate: With Sydney’s enviable climate, now is the perfect time to make the move! Enjoy mild winters and warm summers, making outdoor activities and beachside relaxation a year-round possibility.

🤝 Cultural Diversity: Experience the rich tapestry of cultures that make Sydney truly unique. From world-class dining to vibrant arts and entertainment scenes, Sydney offers endless opportunities to explore and connect with people from around the globe.

🌐 Expanding Expat Community: Sydney is home to a thriving expat community, offering a welcoming environment for newcomers from around the world. As part of a global network of strategy professionals embark on a rewarding journey filled with growth, adventure, and new connections.

Learn more about some fantastic Sydney opportunities available here.

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News: ESG Event

News: ESG Event

We recently hosted our first client event this year in Sydney, focusing on the hot topic of ESG. ESG is not only shaping decisions for our clients but also resonating on a personal level.

Our esteemed panel included:

  • John Lydon: Former MD McKinsey, Co-chair of Australian Climate Leaders’ Coalition, NSW Net Zero Emissions & Clean Economy Board.
  • Deanne Stewart: CEO Aware Super.
  • Fiona Messent: Executive Leader Climate Strategy, Policy & Solution, Qantas.
  • Liana Downey: Policy and Strategy Advisor in Energy and Climate and McKinsey Alumni.

They discussed the latest developments in ESG trends, how ESG acts as a driver for growth, whether ESG is an organizational design or leadership challenge, and insights into how ESG directly influences business.

We have put together a summary of the key takeaways from the event:

  • Leadership and Collaboration: Effective leadership and collaboration are paramount in driving sustainability initiatives forward. Leaders should openly acknowledge their limitations regarding ESG matters, fostering transparency and encouraging collaborative problem-solving among peers and external stakeholders.
  • ESG Reporting Mandates: Recent changes from accounting bodies mandate large/listed entities to disclose ESG activities in financial statements in a standardised format. This indicates a growing emphasis on integrating ESG considerations into core business functions.
  • Focus on Environment and Nature Protection: The focus on the environment has increased, with an emphasis on nature protection. However, more effort is needed on social and governance aspects despite recent rulings.
  • Challenges of ESG Implementation: Fear of criticism prevents some individuals and companies from taking ESG actions. Additionally, some activist groups, while pushing the ESG agenda, create a lack of psychological safety for those attempting ESG initiatives – the fear of ‘greenwashing’ is real.
  • Tools for Measuring ESG Activities: Various tools for measuring ESG activities were discussed, such as carbon footprint audits and nature risk audits, indicating a growing awareness of the need for comprehensive ESG assessment.
  • Investment in ESG Education: Deanne mentioned Aware Super’s investment in upskilling through the PRI Academy course for ESG training, highlighting the importance of continued education in driving ESG progress.
  • Increased Awareness of Biodiversity: John, in his role as chair of the Australian Conservation Foundation, has become more educated about biodiversity and its significance. He highlighted Australia’s biodiversity climate and the alarming rate of habitat clearance.
  • Nature Disclosure: There is a growing understanding of the link between nature and climate, and the need for nature disclosure to be included on the agenda. However, the current system does not adequately recognise this connection.
  • Corporate Awareness and Systemic Change: The panel discussed whether companies are aware of the impending challenges related to nature and whether they are making genuine efforts to address them. The need for systemic change was emphasised, especially in industries where profits are derived from activities harmful to nature.
  • Nature Risk Assessment and Strategy: Fiona spoke about Qantas’ nature risk assessment and upcoming nature strategy. She emphasised the importance of assessing the impact of operations on nature and integrating this into business decisions.
  • Challenges and Solutions for ESG Reporting: The panel touched on challenges and innovations in ESG reporting. Standardisation of reporting formats is crucial for investors to compare and evaluate companies effectively. Digital solutions and AI were mentioned as tools to improve data collection and analysis.
  • Social Issues and Gender Equality: Social issues such as mental health, workers’ rights, and gender equality are highlighted as important focus areas for businesses. The need for transparent reporting on gender pay gaps and addressing gendered norms in workplaces.
  • Motivating Companies for Change: Encouraging companies to adopt sustainable practices requires a combination of education, incentives, and engagement at all levels of the organisation. Boards and senior leadership play a crucial role in driving change, supported by investor pressure and transparent reporting.

We have made the Strategy Bites podcast episodes available for you to listen to at your convenience. You can access them here:

The event was a tremendous success, and we’re thrilled to announce that this is just the beginning.

We have a team of ESG specialist contractors who are available to assist you with your company’s ESG strategies. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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News: Rachel Quick

News: Rachel Quick

Our contracting business is growing, and we’re thrilled to share that Rachel Quick will be taking on a new role dedicated to supporting the junior to mid-level strategy and transformation market with contracting opportunities.

Rachel Quick joins Future State Consulting

Rachel Quick joins Future State Consulting

In the upcoming weeks, Rachel will personally reach out to all our clients to introduce herself and discuss how we can support your talent needs. 

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