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Myths in Strategy | In the Eyes of a Strategy Recruiter in Australia

Myths in Strategy | In the Eyes of a Strategy Recruiter in Australia

There are many misconceptions about strategy. We’ve seen this as Strategy Recruiters in Australia. It can be difficult to get it right because there is so much misinformation out there! 

The first question you should ask yourself is: “What am I trying to do?” This sounds simple, but this single question will help you define your strategy and then identify the other questions that need to be answered in order for your company’s strategy to work – such as what resources should we use? What actions should we take? Who needs to know about our plan? etc. 

But the reality is, for many people, it’s actually too complicated or even downright difficult to create a sound strategy. This blog post will show you myths about strategy – what they are and why they’re so wrong! Read on for more information about each one! 
If you’ve ever been to a business conference or read an article about strategic planning, then you know that strategy is one of the most important things in business. It’s what helps you make decisions and it’s also what you use to execute those decisions as well. But strategy can be tough to get right because there are so many myths out there about it! Here are a few myths that people often believe but just aren’t true. Read on for the truth behind each myth! 

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Myths we’ve debunked as Strategy Recruiters in Australia

1) Strategy doesn’t work if your company employs a strategy for more than five years 

To succeed in a competitive industry, you need to be able think critically and quickly. You cannot afford complacency with your strategy because the market will change – so changes must come soon or else risk losing business 

Just last year there were many instances when long-held assumptions about certain industries came under attack from new players who have different perspectives on how things work. This has caused businesses operating within those sectors (including yours!) some real difficulties as they try figure out what their next steps should be if these competitors are right around every corner waiting for an opportunity like this one! 

2) Disruptors are always on the lookout for new ways to disrupt.  

Disrupted industries need disruption from a different perspective, in order to get back up and running as quickly as possible – like Amazon with cloud services or Facebook with messaging apps. Innovation has become one of their key weapons because it allows them not just sustain but also expand growth over time while maintaining margins through cost cutting measures such large-scale production runs which can drive prices down drastically if done correctly 

3) Competitive advantage is not dead, and hyper-competition in the market has only just begun. 

The reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated: Amazon’s competitive edge as an online retailer was broken by Google Shopping last year; Facebook lost over $3 billion dollars during Q1 2019 from various Instagram competitors like Snapchat or Pinterest – proving that even if one company dominates a certain sector it cannot stop other entities entering into their space nor can they prevent them from causing significant financial damage when others enter with more nimble strategies . We need multiple advantages rather than rely on 1 single strategy alone for success because there will always be new technologies coming out which challenge long standing practices 

4) The future of business is digital.  

The future of business is digital.  If you try to optimize the parts without optimizing your whole, then what will happen? You might end up with a sub-optimized company that can’t compete in this new and changing landscape of tech! It’s important for all companies – not just one specific sector or function – needs an effective strategy when it comes down so how do we make sure each part has been considered carefully before any decisions are made about them too broadly; because if everyone does their own thing without thinking things through thoroughly first hand no body wins… 

Do not think like “I want my IT department handling these issues” instead ask yourself “What am i trying achieve by having a digital team?”

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We’ve covered several myths in strategy as strategy recruiters in Australia that are not true, but what about you? How has your experience been with these aspects of the profession? Let us know and we can discuss how to improve. If you would like help crafting a plan for your company, contact our team today! 

How do you climb the ladder to get to the C-suite | Tips From Australia Based Recruiters

How do you climb the ladder to get to the C-suite | Tips From Australia Based Recruiters

How do you climb the ladder to get to the C-suite??

We’ve got better insights on how to climb the corporate ladder and get to the C-suite role. Yes, We are Australia Based Recruiters who want to help strategy and transformation consultants climb up the C-suite role faster.

Having now spoken to many CEOs and executives from past consultants in McKinsey, Bain, and BCG on the podcast and more generally day to day, I always make a point of asking their advice about how to get to the top…

The key messages we keep hearing from these Executives around this specific topic as Australia Based Recruiters are:

🌟Don’t stress too much about your first step out of consulting.
🌟Align yourself to the right leaders.
🌟Try to gain as many experiences as you can.
🌟Put your hand up for the project or task that is keeping your boss awake at night and nail it
🌟Do the hard job that nobody else wants to do, that will get you recognised, seen, rewarded.
🌟Be bold, back yourself.
🌟Ask for constructive feedback when you don’t get the promotion or gig you were after, work on your blind spots.

This article echo’s some of their key messages and gives some more insightful pointers to help accelerate your career progression.

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The Secret to Building Resilience | Strategy Jobs Melbourne

The Secret to Building Resilience | Strategy Jobs Melbourne

Strategy jobs Melbourne is critical in today’s business environment. The ability to overcome obstacles is often described as the gap between success and failure.

Resilience has been demonstrated to improve work satisfaction, engagement, and overall health and reduce depression. But resilience isn’t merely a matter of inner “grit” that helps us to recover.

A new study indicates that strong relationships and networks can build resilience. We can develop our resilience by interacting with individuals in our personal and professional life. These interactions can help us reduce the size of the problem. Strategy jobs Melbourne can help us clarify our goals or find a way forward after a setback – these are the kinds of relationships that keep us going.

Are your links and deep enough to assist you through adversity? Below is a cognitive exercise?

1.   Before starting strategy jobs in Melbourne, evaluate your top resilience needs.

Eight common sources of relational resilience are listed below. Some of these sources aren’t as significant to everyone as others.  For example, Laughter is valued by some people, while empathy is valued by others.

Finally, our resilience demands are individual and influenced by our history, personality, and professional/personal circumstances. When we come together as a group, though, our relationships provide us with a toolbox that we can use to assist us in getting through the worst periods in our lives.

Recognize your top three sources of resiliency based on the framework provided below. Decide which of them you want to work on most.

8 Top Relational sources of resilience

A well-developed network of relationships can help you rebound from setbacks. Identify the spheres that are most important to you. Are you falling short in some categories?

  1. Empathic connections help us release bad feelings.
  2. Work surge connections enable us to shift tasks or handle increases in workload.
  3. Politics helps us understand people and politics in circumstance.
  4. Pushbacks give us the confidence to push back and advocate for ourselves.
  5. Vision connections help us see the way forward.
  6. Perspective connections in our lives help us retain perspective in the face of challenges.
  7. Purpose relationships remind us of the greater meaning of our work.
  8. The humor networks can help us giggle at ourselves and our circumstances.

2.   Plan a network strategy for Melbourne Jobs

Reflecting on your top three resilience requirements, list people or groups you may invest in to further foster resilience. Resilient connections can be actively cultivated in two ways.

  1. Expand current relationships by exploring non-work interests with a colleague or strengthening mutually beneficial relationships with influential colleagues who support us.
  2. We can join new groups or people to build resilience – spiritual groups that remind us of our mission or affinity groups that let us laugh.
  3. Melbourne’s diverse network strategy jobs (contacts and connections) help us grow, get perspective on our challenges, and find a stronger sense of purpose in our lives.

Final thought:

COVID-19 has led to significant changes for all of us. The significance of developing and maintaining relationships has never been more obvious. The challenges and setbacks we’ve faced at strategy jobs Melbourne and in life due to the pandemic have been relentless for the majority of us.

But you are not alone in this fight. You can improve your resilience. Begin by realizing the critical importance of developing, maintaining, and pushing a diverse network in Melbourne to help you weather the storm.

Testimonial from James Gardner

Testimonial from James Gardner

Do you know the story about the tortoise and the hare? It’s a great analogy to illustrate how relationships with specialists can help your business grow. The idea is that if you’re not investing in building relationships with experts, then someone else will be. If they are able to take away all of your customers, then it could cost you dearly. This blog post goes into more detail about why this is important for businesses today. And that is having a testimonial from James Gardner.

Why is it a good idea to invest in building relationships with a specialist, tenured, boutique recruiters in your sector?

✔They have an invested interest in building relationships for the long term

✔They know placing the wrong bum on the wrong seat for a quick buck is the quickest way to destroy their reputation

✔A happy candidate very quickly becomes a client, and then potentially a candidate again down the track

✔You get access to coaching that would usually cost you thousands

✔Their network is built up over years of being in the business, they know who promotes quickly, which clients get great feedback, where consultants are unhappy in their roles, how much is reasonable to push when negotiating salaries, and a shed load of other insights. You won’t get access to any of this with inexperienced recruiters, generalist recruiters, or applying direct.

✔If your recruiter has skin in the game, they care more about their reputation and what feedback you give to your peers.

✔It saves you hours of your precious time not having to search job boards, getting ignored, and not knowing why.

✔You should end up seeing that recruiter as an ally and someone you enjoy interacting with beyond the process

This is why do we place candidates in our inner circle multiple times in their careers. Clients and Candidates are one and the same to us.

Check out our Testimonial From James Gardner here.

Our Advice to Hiring Managers and Potential Jobseekers | Australia Strategy Recruiters

Our Advice to Hiring Managers and Potential Jobseekers | Australia Strategy Recruiters

Most years we start to get very busy from about now until the end of the year! As Australia Strategy Recruiters, we were not sure what was going to happen this year with the craziness that is surrounding us.  However, the good news is, whilst we have continually been stupidly busy this year up to the Senior Manager level, we are now starting to see an increase in the number of senior roles coming through the door, yes that’s good news as Strategy Recruiters in Melbourne, Strategy Recruiters in Brisbane and basically as Strategy Recruiters overall.

Typically, budgets are released yearly around July, and hiring managers assess what gaps they have, which filters through to live opportunities around now.

Australia Strategy Recruiters

It is very common for us to be flat out right up to Christmas Eve, trying to get contracts signed and final interviews completed prior to the festive break.

If this does not happen processes can be delayed as key individuals, imperative to the hiring process, take leave.

This year we predict it could be worse to get things moving post-November, given an average of 30% of annual leave has been taken this year and, if restrictions ease and boarders open, individuals will opt to take an extended break even prior to Christmas.

Our advice to hiring mangers as Australia Strategy Recruiters:

✔Start processes early, avoid the last-minute rush prior to Christmas
✔Know who needs to be involved in the process and ensure you can get slots in their diaries when it is most important
✔Involve HR now, delayed contracts and sign off’s are risky
✔Run a smooth process! The war for talent is rife, if you do not you risk being disappointed as you or the business can be seen as one that can not get stuff done efficiently

Our advice to potential jobseekers as Strategy Recruiters in Australia:

👍Now is the best time to be having conversations with potential employers
👍It often takes longer than you think to go through a process
👍If you want to be starting a new role in February, now is the time to start conversations as onboarding in January will be tricky

Despite the lockdowns and uncertainly in our ways of working moving forward, companies are pushing ahead with hiring, adapting to remote interviewing, and onboarding.

Checkout our jobs page to learn more of the job posts we are currently hiring for.

This is positive news for everyone!

Stop Using Job Titles to Guide Your Search

Stop Using Job Titles to Guide Your Search

What’s the first thing you focus on when applying to a new role or looking for a job? Most professionals look for job titles and that is often the wrong thing to do. The problem is that job titles nowadays are often misleading. And the same title can entail totally different tasks at different organisations.

Job Titles
So in order for you to find a better job that and that you love doing, the best thing to do is:

  1. Ask what the job title is and what the job role is entailing
  2. Know the kind of people you will be working with for more than 40 hours a day
  3. Will you be able to thrive in the new environment you are getting into
  4. You have to also know why is this the job role you would like to take No matter how many times this happens to me, it always stops me with my flow.

No matter how many times this happens to me, it always stops me with my flow.

I called a candidate about an exciting new role and the very first question I got was “What’s the job title?”

These days you can’t determine what a role is about by the job title.

There are startups that are hiring associates at the top-tier firms and calling them General Managers or Directors, yet they are not managing people and often their tasks are “whatever needs to be done” type of role which is kind of draining.

Some firms are Headquartered offshore, but growing here, and have very different titles to what we do here. Even the Big 4 banks have titles that do not correlate to the role you may be doing.

I love this topic as it shows you how you should be thinking about any role you are considering.

WHO are you going to be working with, for, and influencing?

WHAT are you actually going to be doing day to day, are you having real impact?

WHERE is the best environment for you to THRIVE?

WHAT direction will this role take your career?

Please look beyond the job title. Make sure you LOVE your next role.

We don’t want to see people knocking on our door in 6 months because you have accepted a GM role of… with working with average people, and having zero impact.

If you want to check out the jobs we are currently carrying, head on over to our jobs page.