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What do candidates tell their friends about your company? How do they talk to their friends about their interview process? Are you doing everything you can to make sure your company is seen in a positive light during the interview process as Australia Recruiters? These are all important questions that most companies don’t even think about. One candidate has a bad interview experience, guess what? They tell 5 other potential candidates! Those candidates are the ones you may want to hire! 

Interviews Process | Australia Recruiters

Over the last month alone, we have had the following feedback from candidates about their interview process.

The interviewer was late.
They had obviously not even read my CV.
They were responding to texts in the interview.
I know it was a Friday, but they looked like they didn’t want to be there.
They drilled me and didn’t let me ask any questions, so I have no idea if I am interested in the role.
There is no way I could work for that person. They were so unfriendly.
At the moment, the war for top talent is rife. This means if you want the best, you have to be seen as the best!  

I would suggest all hiring managers consider the following three things:

✔ The cost of hiring, and I mean the cost of the time spent by you and your team interviewing candidates. Can you really afford to go through round after round of interviews to be turned down by the candidates you want? Put your best foot forward now so as not to revisit the whole process again.

✔ Who is the best person to interview candidates? Your top performer may be a superstar to you but how will they be perceived by candidates. Are they engaging? Do they have the right level of experience to ensure the person in front of them is not thinking “I’m more experienced than them, how am I a peer?”.

Many clients think they are too busy to do the first meeting themselves but, if you are investing in using a recruiter to bring the best talent to the table, you need to make the best first impression possible.

✔ What is your value proposition? You wouldn’t rock up to a sales pitch without this down-pat would you?

The things candidates care about are:

1/People want to work with and for good people! Be inspiring but humble. Cite others in the business who are also noteworthy.

2/Is the work interesting and can they have a tangible impact.

3/What are the future prospects and will they be visible.

4/ At the moment, work/life balance and flexibility. Burnout is becoming a problem!

It is all about ROI folks, I guarantee you it is better to invest in a short, smooth process than spend hours of your time and your team’s time, doing average interviews and getting offers rejected. It is also better for your brand, as candidates talk!

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