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Do you feel comfortable talking through your experience and taking people on the journey?

I know it can feel awkward when someone says ‘Tell me about yourself or talk me through your experience?’ However, this is more important than you think.

Your story should flow and give them a flavor of who you are and what you’ve done.

đź’ˇStart from the beginning, (DO NOT start with current experience) what you studied and how or why you got into consulting, what industries you worked across, and what types of projects.

💡Then give them an overview of each position you’ve had since then. You don’t need to go into specific examples here but you want to give the interviewer enough information to get a feel for your experience and then they can ask for specific examples themselves.

đź’ˇTell a story, make the interviewer feel like they traveled through that with you. Most people don’t know about consulting until someone taps them on the shoulder during university or while doing their MBA so it’s ok to say that. Make it personal. Did you start in law or engineering and found it wasn’t for you and wanted something more commercial and to understand a business more?

Storytelling is so powerful, it engages emotions and creates a connection between you and the interviewer, making you more memorable and impactful.

Personally, I love hearing someone’s story and why they have made the choices they have. Obviously, there is a fine line of talking too much so make sure you share the highlights and you can delve into more detail later.

If you are a strategy consultant and would like any help with telling your story, please reach out.

Learn how to tell your story
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