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Our client is a preeminent organisation with purpose at the heart of everything they do. They have a first-class strategy function that works across the business to drive innovative and customer-centric strategies in collaboration with key stakeholders. The strategy teams are made up from ex top tier (MBB) management consultants so you will be mentored from the best in order to continue learning from the best.  

As a Melbourne-based Senior Strategy Analyst, you will be responsible for providing critical input in strategic conceptualisation and implementation. You will be expected to lead key workstreams – such as planning, internal analytical support, and strategic initiatives – to deliver key business outcomes.  

You will work with senior leadership in developing and executing impactful strategic initiatives and play a role in supporting other business units and crews/ squads by delivering analysis and insights. In addition, you will undertake environmental analysis, conducting market and competitor research to provide insights that will help shape future decisions. 

Key Responsibilities include: 

  • Identify and assess strategic issues and opportunities.  
  • Develop qualitative and quantitative analyses.  
  • Frame, scope, and structure strategic problems by identifying applicable strategic frameworks.  
  • Solve problems by using the 7 steps of problem solving and the influence model. 
  • Evaluate issues and initiatives, plan, and structure work streams tasks, manage timelines, and keep stakeholders informed about project progress.  
  • Understand the scope of work and the expectations of stakeholders, so you can make informed decisions about how to allocate resources. 
  • Bring clarity and understanding to a complex set of data by using data analytics techniques, data manipulation methods, information management principles, and systems knowledge.  
  • Engage with and leverage relevant stakeholders and subject matter experts when performing and validating analysis.  
  • Provide strategic recommendations, benefiting all parties concerned. 

Key Qualifications include: 

  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in business strategy or management consulting 
  • Demonstrated success in structured problem solving that includes problem definition, hypotheses testing, analysis plan and facilitating discussion and focus groups 
  • Demonstrated success in advanced financial, business case and other quantitative analyses (e.g. forecasting, scenario modelling etc.)  
  • Project management experience with the ability to lead workstreams. 
  • Proficient in common strategy frameworks and methodologies 
  • Ability to identify and develop ideas that can add value to the business 
  • Identify relevant data sets  
  • Tertiary qualifications in commerce, economics, finance, statistics, or other business-related discipline 


If this role seems to be of interest, please feel free to contact Anika Stokes at anika@oaktreetalent.com or send your CV through the link below. 

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Melbourne-based Senior Strategy Analyst

This Melbourne-based Senior Strategy Analyst which is Exclusive to Oaktree will take home an annual income of $115k to $135k base + super.

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