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Most years we start to get very busy from about now until the end of the year! As Australia Strategy Recruiters, we were not sure what was going to happen this year with the craziness that is surrounding us.  However, the good news is, whilst we have continually been stupidly busy this year up to the Senior Manager level, we are now starting to see an increase in the number of senior roles coming through the door, yes that’s good news as Strategy Recruiters in Melbourne, Strategy Recruiters in Brisbane and basically as Strategy Recruiters overall.

Typically, budgets are released yearly around July, and hiring managers assess what gaps they have, which filters through to live opportunities around now.

Australia Strategy Recruiters

It is very common for us to be flat out right up to Christmas Eve, trying to get contracts signed and final interviews completed prior to the festive break.

If this does not happen processes can be delayed as key individuals, imperative to the hiring process, take leave.

This year we predict it could be worse to get things moving post-November, given an average of 30% of annual leave has been taken this year and, if restrictions ease and boarders open, individuals will opt to take an extended break even prior to Christmas.

Our advice to hiring mangers as Australia Strategy Recruiters:

✔Start processes early, avoid the last-minute rush prior to Christmas
✔Know who needs to be involved in the process and ensure you can get slots in their diaries when it is most important
✔Involve HR now, delayed contracts and sign off’s are risky
✔Run a smooth process! The war for talent is rife, if you do not you risk being disappointed as you or the business can be seen as one that can not get stuff done efficiently

Our advice to potential jobseekers as Strategy Recruiters in Australia:

👍Now is the best time to be having conversations with potential employers
👍It often takes longer than you think to go through a process
👍If you want to be starting a new role in February, now is the time to start conversations as onboarding in January will be tricky

Despite the lockdowns and uncertainly in our ways of working moving forward, companies are pushing ahead with hiring, adapting to remote interviewing, and onboarding.

Checkout our jobs page to learn more of the job posts we are currently hiring for.

This is positive news for everyone!