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We know this seems like an obvious point however you’ll be surprised at how many of us think we’re bringing sufficient energy only to find the interviewer hasn’t felt the same way. This is because we all have our own subjective version of how we apply it.

So how do we know if we’ve brought sufficient energy to the interview? The answer is very simple, feedback!
If you are consistently receiving this feedback, you may have a blind spot or a perception problem to work on. Either way, if you want to progress your career, it’s worth investing in through coaching services or working on making a better impression during such moments.

In a job interview:

✅ A vibrant and engaged demeanour fosters a sense of camaraderie with interviewers.
✅ A genuine and positive energy can transform a standard interview into a memorable one that sets you apart from other candidates.
✅ Demonstrating positive energy and enthusiasm showcases your interest in the role and company.
✅ By bringing an energetic attitude, you project confidence in your abilities and an ability to thrive in a fast-paced work environment.

Employers are seeking candidates who can bring an enthusiastic and dynamic presence to their teams and stakeholders, as it often translates to increased productivity and better workplace morale.