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What’s the first thing you focus on when applying to a new role or looking for a job? Most professionals look for job titles and that is often the wrong thing to do. The problem is that job titles nowadays are often misleading. And the same title can entail totally different tasks at different organisations.

Job Titles
So in order for you to find a better job that and that you love doing, the best thing to do is:

  1. Ask what the job title is and what the job role is entailing
  2. Know the kind of people you will be working with for more than 40 hours a day
  3. Will you be able to thrive in the new environment you are getting into
  4. You have to also know why is this the job role you would like to take No matter how many times this happens to me, it always stops me with my flow.

No matter how many times this happens to me, it always stops me with my flow.

I called a candidate about an exciting new role and the very first question I got was “What’s the job title?”

These days you can’t determine what a role is about by the job title.

There are startups that are hiring associates at the top-tier firms and calling them General Managers or Directors, yet they are not managing people and often their tasks are “whatever needs to be done” type of role which is kind of draining.

Some firms are Headquartered offshore, but growing here, and have very different titles to what we do here. Even the Big 4 banks have titles that do not correlate to the role you may be doing.

I love this topic as it shows you how you should be thinking about any role you are considering.

WHO are you going to be working with, for, and influencing?

WHAT are you actually going to be doing day to day, are you having real impact?

WHERE is the best environment for you to THRIVE?

WHAT direction will this role take your career?

Please look beyond the job title. Make sure you LOVE your next role.

We don’t want to see people knocking on our door in 6 months because you have accepted a GM role of… with working with average people, and having zero impact.

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