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Would you like to move into the innovative space of banking, deposits and payments? Work with an ex-top-tier leadership team on high-impact projects! This is a great opportunity for a Management Consultant looking to move into banking! 

As a Strategy Analyst, you will be responsible for supporting and driving the company’s medium-term strategic agenda. You will work with other functions to manage and track business planning cycles. Additionally, as a member of the team, you will be responsible for overseeing all initiative spend and gathering feedback on benefits realisation. You will also work on climate change, sustainability, and ESG strategy, and you will be working with not just an awesome team but a highly regarded Chief Strategy Officer plus exciting projects in the pipeline.

You will need the essential skills of traditional management consulting, such as analysis and hypothesis-testing, along with innovative problem-solving skills using technology and data to address the company’s customer base. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Contribution to the 2-3 year strategy roadmap. 
  • Competitor and market deep dive analysis. 
  • Manage quarterly business planning cycles and prioritisation.  
  • Determining which customer segments are most deserving of investment.  
  • Considering the risk that may be associated with reaching these target segments, as well as the company’s regulatory obligations. 
  • Responsible for various tasks that support the business’s long-term goals.  
  • Helping to manage the quarterly business planning cycles and prioritization discussions. 
  • Overseeing initiative spend, and tracking benefits realisation.  

Key Requirements for the position would be:  

  • 2 – 3 years of strategy or management consulting experience in a tier 1 consulting firm, strategy boutique firm, or industry corporate strategy role. 
  • Experience across a range of the Strategy service portfolio including market and industry dynamics assessments, corporate and portfolio strategy, business unit strategy, customer and segment strategy, capability and operating model strategy, and strategy execution services. 
  • Exceptional written and visual communication skills utilising PowerPoint, including strategy packs, executive team packs and board packs, with high quality using a hypothesis-driven approach. 
  • Excellent time management and organisation skills with strong attention to detail to meet milestones and expectations. 
  • Excellent collaboration skills with an ability to work with a wide variety of stakeholders in different parts of the business and at different levels of seniority. 
  • Customer-first mindset and interest in banking, finance, economics, customer experience and digital 
  • Strong learning orientation with a commitment to listening and learning from colleagues, experimenting with new ideas and approaches, and keeping up to date with the latest technical developments in data and analytics. 

If this role is of interest, please contact Amy Savage at amy@oaktreetalent.com or drop your CV in the contact form section. 

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Strategy Analyst based in Sydney

This Strategy Analyst based in Sydney is Exclusive to Oaktree and will take home an annual income of $120k-$130k + bonus.

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