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We are hiring a Sydney-based Group Strategy Managerr. This trusted financial services partner has a long history of providing products and services that can help Australians make good choices and take positive action to enjoy life and meet their financial goals. With a wide range of products and services, they can provide the right solution for everyone. 

This company is an award winning, community focused financial institution that focuses on creating a brighter future for Australians for more than 100 years. 

This is ASX listed company is looking for a Sydney-based Group Strategy Manager. This role will provide support to the Head of Group & Insurance Strategy in order to enable him/her to develop the company’s Group Strategy and deliver on its vision. In addition, this individual will be responsible for supporting all aspects of customer, employee and shareholder outcomes over the short-, medium- and long-term horizons. 

Key Accountabilities:

  • Responsible for developing and implementing actionable business strategies across a range of specialist focus areas.  
  • Work interchangeably across strategic, specialist focus areas; Insurance Strategy; Group Strategy; Group Planning; Business models & Opportunities.  
  • Support HO with the strategic planning cycle including authorship of materials, supporting analyse and facilitation of discussions 
  • Responsible for defining and deploying our Insurance strategy.  
  • Ensure that this strategy is aligned with our culture, cost and capital strategies, as well as outlining key strategic opportunities.  
  • Engage with business SME’s in order to collect data on plans and activities which can drive shareholder and customer outcomes. 
  • Identify key areas of content, such as leadership strategies, organizational culture, employee productivity, etc.  
  • Make informed decisions about how best to communicate these topics to employees and stakeholders. 
  • Discuss future trends that will impact the organisation and strategies to position the company.  
  • Provide strategic pathways for the organisation to outperform peers and identify optimal composition of Group portfolio based on business needs.  
  • Bridge gaps between different areas within the Group by building linkages where necessary. 
  • Support the Head of Strategy in preparing for key Board engagements throughout November and May will ensure timely delivery of quality materials for Board and ELT deliberations.  
  • Support Head of Strategy in preparing for key ELT engagements throughout the year will help to ensure that Australian Insurance remains at the forefront of education innovation. 
  • Explore opportunities in Australian insurance on various horizons – short, medium and long term. In order to support this growth potential. 
  • Liaise with Bank and New Zealand strategy teams and executives for business planning. 

Key Competencies: 

  • Demonstrated experience applying strategic frameworks and concepts through either a strategy position or through a consulting background  
  • Exemplary customer focus, strategic mindset and ‘outside in’ thinking.  
  • Ability to effectively collaborate across the business to deliver ‘Win / Win’ scenarios for all parts of the organisation  
  • Ability to align resources across the Group to achieve their Business Plan & deliver on the agreed 3rd party revenue targets.  
  • Strong Program Governance  
  • Ability to work with Risk team to challenge the current Risk Appetite Statement  
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a demonstrated ability to effectively resolve conflict  
  • Mastery of leadership and change management skills, consultation, influencing and negotiation capability.  
  • Strong understanding of the regulatory environment in which the business operates, including regulatory requirements 

If you’re looking for an opportunity that will challenge you and help to achieve your goals, then this is the role for you. It’s a demanding position with plenty of opportunities for growth, so don’t hesitate to apply! Contact Asha Walsh at asha@oaktreetalent.com 

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Sydney-based Group Strategy Managerr

This Sydney-based Group and Insurance Strategy Manager which is Exclusive to Oaktree will take home an annual income of $150k – $170k base + super + bonus.

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