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Our client is hiring a Sydney-based Strategy & Planning Manager that would be able to take on a problem and figure out the best way to solve it. This includes gathering information, analysing data, and formulating a plan of action. The individual in this role must also be able to present different scenarios and make recommendations that are beneficial for the organisation. 

This Sydney-based Strategy & Planning Manager will work with the team to develop data-based recommendations for improving competitiveness, changing strategy, and making the most of company assets. They will also be responsible for reviewing, developing, implementing, and monitoring the business strategy – making sure that strategic financial and commercial objectives are met.  

 Key Responsibilities 

  • Lead the review, development, implementation and monitoring of the company’s Business Strategy. This will include making data-based recommendations relating to competitive advantage, changes to strategy, and best use of assets. By doing so, they will support the Strategy team in their efforts. 
  • Explore strategic issues and keep up with competitors, so we encourage you to conduct research activities independently which will help understand emerging trends in the broader environment, including market and industry changes. This will allow to identify threats and opportunities. With this knowledge, you are able to update strategic dashboards and other business registers accordingly. 
  • Prepare high quality plans, briefings, presentations, Board papers and other materials ahead of time and as necessary. This involves liaising with internal colleagues and external parties in order to present strategic outcomes and recommendations. 
  • Develop and implement frameworks, processes, and workshops to support the refinement of the company’s business strategy. This includes modelling and business case development, as well as aligning efforts across the business. Additionally, you will be responsible for preparing & refining modelling, demand forecasting and evaluation of scenarios as required. 
  • Initiate, develop, and oversee frameworks, processes and plans that will operationalize the strategy and support the analysis of business proposals.  
  • Maintain a value-for-money approach in all aspects of your work by adhering to budgets for this role so that we can deliver agreed upon outputs. 
  • Maintain strong relationships with our internal and external stakeholders, including commercial bodies, government agencies and regulatory bodies, contractors, and industry associations.  
  • Provide support and insight into significant organisational changes.  
  • Help to execute business-wide transformation plans until completion. 

Background & Experience 

  • Minimum 5 years experience in strategy consulting. 
  • Relevant tertiary qualifications, preferably in business, economics and/or engineering.  
  • Proven capability in highly effective and succinct written and verbal communication, building business insights with a highly analytical and organised approach, as demonstrated by the ability to manage and address complexity independently, and critical thinking and curiosity. 
  • A strong awareness of the needs and interactions with supporting senior executives and Board Directors, and skills and experience in direct interactions with Senior Executives.  
  • Clear and sound judgement will flow from a focus on providing pragmatic solutions using data to support decision-making.  
  • Ability to write Board papers and strategic presentations in a succinct manner and to a high-quality standard, and balancing quick execution with attention to detail.  
  • Ability to execute on work effectively and independently, and as part of the Strategy & Team  
  • Preparing workshops. 
  • Excellent skills and experience building trusting and collaborative relationships with internal and external stakeholders.  
  • Demonstrated ability to develop strategies and explore strategic issues using frameworks and apply to market and competitor analysis.  
  • Previous experience with strategy tools, for example organising and conducting war games and simulation, and/or scenario planning, is advantageous.  
  • Proven experience in the application of an enterprise approach with strategic awareness to all matters, whilst being customer focused and outcome oriented. 
  • Skills in preparing business cases and their assessment along with an ability to understand financial and economic modelling would be valued. 

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Sydney-based Strategy & Planning Manager

This Sydney-based Strategy & Planning Manager which is Exclusive to Oaktree will take home an annual income of $160k-$190K package.

#strategy #planning #sydney #customerstrategy #oaktreetalent

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