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Testimonial from James Gardner

Testimonial from James Gardner

Do you know the story about the tortoise and the hare? It’s a great analogy to illustrate how relationships with specialists can help your business grow. The idea is that if you’re not investing in building relationships with experts, then someone else will be. If they are able to take away all of your customers, then it could cost you dearly. This blog post goes into more detail about why this is important for businesses today. And that is having a testimonial from James Gardner.

Why is it a good idea to invest in building relationships with a specialist, tenured, boutique recruiters in your sector?

✔They have an invested interest in building relationships for the long term

✔They know placing the wrong bum on the wrong seat for a quick buck is the quickest way to destroy their reputation

✔A happy candidate very quickly becomes a client, and then potentially a candidate again down the track

✔You get access to coaching that would usually cost you thousands

✔Their network is built up over years of being in the business, they know who promotes quickly, which clients get great feedback, where consultants are unhappy in their roles, how much is reasonable to push when negotiating salaries, and a shed load of other insights. You won’t get access to any of this with inexperienced recruiters, generalist recruiters, or applying direct.

✔If your recruiter has skin in the game, they care more about their reputation and what feedback you give to your peers.

✔It saves you hours of your precious time not having to search job boards, getting ignored, and not knowing why.

✔You should end up seeing that recruiter as an ally and someone you enjoy interacting with beyond the process

This is why do we place candidates in our inner circle multiple times in their careers. Clients and Candidates are one and the same to us.

Check out our Testimonial From James Gardner here.

Product Manager

Product Manager

Product Manager
Sydney Based
$160,000 – $220.000

We are looking for a Product Manager with extensive experience of delivery of large-scale business and in fund management companies in a large matrix organisation with a proven track record of implementing project governance and driving execution by influencing key stakeholders.

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