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Yes, you heard that right. I personally made a poll on my Linked in, and asked the people in my network their preferences on how to counter the great resignation and what would keep them engaged as employees and the poll results are in.

Over the past month or so I’ve posted some thoughts and articles around the phenomenon “The Great Resignation”.
This is happening all around the world as the pandemic has caused many to go inward and reflect on whats really important to them.

They are reevaluating how to either integrate their work and life together or remove themselves entirely from their current jobs and to pursue new paths of employment, often seeking self-employment or other means of employment where there is less perceived stress and more control of their hours and life.

The effects of the Great Resignation have already been felt in the US and Europe, particularly in the Tech and Healthcare sectors, however it has had a knock-on effect across all industries and is believed to be on its way downunder soon.

The purpose of these posts is to prepare ourselves, our clients, HR Directors and the broader business community to, at the very least, understand how the employment landscape is changing AND what they might do to mitigate these risks should the Great Resignation take hold in Australia early next year.

You can view the poll results below, however to briefly summarise:

The Great Resignation

Almost 50% of respondents would value working flexibly either 2-3 days per week and a little over a third of respondents see an increase in compensation as the key drivers to retaining or attracting talent.

It is my hope that you find this information useful and engaging and it helps employers, hiring managers and HR executives think more specifically about what levers they can pull quickly and decisively to retain their best people while at the same time attracting new top talent.