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If you are a hiring manager, I cannot stress enough the power of forging strong partnerships with your recruiter in this candidate short market!

This message was echoed by recruitment legend and guru Greg Savage in his blog yesterday where he quotes “The motivation and aspirations of ‘candidates’ have changed so significantly that in many cases, the ‘benefits’ that big companies offer, like brand and great offices, career opportunities and visibility, are just not that important to many.”

“There are limited candidates. These candidates have widely changing priorities.”

“People’s values have shifted. Their priorities have been re-calibrated. And this has collided with an evolving labour market where they have more choice than ever.” (Full blog link here).

Power of Forging Strong Partnerships

The power of forging partnerships is fairly important nowadays.

Where clients continue to run old school processes, where they do not try to understand what candidates really want, do not give them a personalised interview process, or work hard to attract them, they can be often wasting their time even running a processes.

They will inevitably end up initiating their search again (thus wasting many man-hours of their team’s time), damaging their brand, and not getting the desired result.

Recruiters also do not want to run processes more than once, they need to get paid for their work and they are opting to prioritise clients that will take on board their counsel. They equally want to ensure their candidates are getting a good recruitment experience.

At the end of the day, recruiters are on the front line speaking to these candidates every single day.

It is a talent short market and due to the above recruiters will go above and beyond for the clients where candidates are likely to accept offers.

This often comes down to the attitude and appeal of the hiring manager.

Most of our clients have an extremely high bar for recruitment and we are lucky that the majority of our clients welcome the opportunity to understand how they can attract the best talent and run smooth processes and implement recruitment strategies to ensure success.

I would suggest for any hiring managers struggling to attract talent, partner with your recruiter to understand how you will become a client candidates want to work for and prioritise your recruitment process to get it right the first time.

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