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Learn how to value Important things! Humans have a tendency for the value of something to drop when they have it. It’s a common human tendency to lose purpose when we finally achieve something. When you’ve been trying for so long, it can be hard to not have that feeling of achievement once you get there. It doesn’t matter what the goal is – even if it’s just a new hairstyle or a promotion at work – people seem to lose it’s worth in it when they don’t have it anymore. What do you think? Is this true for you too?

We value something less when we have it as opposed to not having it anymore. For example, when you are sick, the importance of your health increases.

It is really just how to value important things.

Value Important Things

When we have “things” we tend to take them for granted. When we lose them or they are taken away, their value increases again. It’s easy to lose sight of what you’re actually trying to achieve when you finally get it. You forget about all the hard work and time invested in seeing your goals through, because there is no longer any pressure or fear of not achieving them. And then, the moment that pressure starts to return, we find ourselves obsessive over our goal again; maybe even more than before.

There are many factors involved in the value of something including scarcity and desirability which can contribute to its value.

When we lose something that was valuable to us, it will regain its value once returned or replaced with a suitable substitute. This is a very human trait but I hope to remember this time for years to come as a lesson in gratitude.

I think the life lesson here is practicing gratitude for what you have will make you a much happier person. Think relationships, job, health, lifestyle. Don’t wait until you experience loss to appreciate these things.
What things do you value most right now that you have missed? Do you know how to value important things?

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