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Leadership Insights

What I find most fascinating when speaking to the best people leaders around is the way in which they articulate their view of the world, and in particular, the way in which they live both their professional and personal lives. They are 100% values led and are totally congruent with what they espouse to be and how they actually show up in front of their peers, teams, stakeholders, friends and family. I’m really lucky and privileged to know a handful of these types of leaders and today I’d like to share a small piece of wisdom that Brad Whitcomb lives by.

1️⃣ Unguarded ✔

Unguarded, as a leadership attribute, embodies the willingness to be authentic, vulnerable, and open with others. Leaders who possess this quality are unafraid to show their true selves, flaws, and all. They create an atmosphere of trust and transparency, allowing their team members to feel comfortable in sharing their thoughts, ideas, and concerns. They embrace feedback, learn from their mistakes, and encourage a culture of continuous growth and improvement. This attribute fosters genuine connections and promotes an inclusive environment where everyone’s contributions are valued. Ultimately, leaders who are unguarded inspire loyalty, foster creativity, and empower their teams to achieve collective success.

2️⃣ Curiosity ✔

Curiosity is an indispensable attribute of effective leadership, fuelling innovation, growth, and transformative change. A curious leader possesses an insatiable thirst for knowledge, constantly seeking to understand the world around them. They approach challenges and opportunities with an open mind, eager to explore new perspectives and possibilities. Their inquisitive nature drives them to ask probing questions, uncover hidden insights, and challenge conventional wisdom. By fostering a culture of curiosity, leaders encourage their teams to push boundaries, take risks, and think creatively. They inspire a sense of wonder and excitement, instilling a lifelong love of learning within their organisations.

3️⃣ Gratitude ✔

Gratitude is a remarkable attribute that holds immense power in the realm of leadership. As a leader, expressing gratitude cultivates a positive and harmonious work environment, fostering stronger relationships with team members. By acknowledging and appreciating their efforts, contributions, and achievements, leaders inspire a sense of belonging and motivation within their teams. Gratitude demonstrates empathy and humility, allowing leaders to connect with their team on a deeper level and build trust. Furthermore, gratitude serves as a powerful tool to boost morale, inspire loyalty, and increase overall job satisfaction. When leaders authentically express gratitude, they not only elevate their team members’ performance but also create a positive ripple effect that permeates throughout the organisation.

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