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This can be a tricky topic and one that we are experts at helping you navigate.

It’s really important to be open and transparent about your salary expectations from the get-go and on the flip side, we are always very open about our clients’ budget and salary for the role to ensure this is in line with your expectations before starting an interview process.

There are, of course, times when you might want to try and negotiate the salary you have been offered.

And when is the right time to do that?

negotiate salaries


When you are given a verbal offer and prior to accepting the verbal offer, if you would like to try and negotiate, now is the time.

✅ DO be fully transparent about your salary expectations

✅ DO understand that clients have budgets and salary ranges approved for roles

✅ DO appreciate that some budgets have no room to increase and this isn’t a reflection on a clients desire to hire you

✅ DO know that for every client that increases a salary, there are as many that won’t and will keep to their original offer

✅ DO know that we are specialists at negotiating salaries and we have the latest up to date market information on what salary levels are being achieved in the market

❌ DON’T verbally accept and then try and negotiate a higher salary

❌ DON’T sign a contract and then try and negotiate a higher salary

❌ DON’T miss out on an incredible career opportunity over $$

Negotiating isn’t in everyone’s comfort zone and we are here to help support you on your journey to finding your next career opportunity.

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