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Why are you not getting promoted?

Firstly, are your expectations of how and when you will get promoted in industry roles too high? Management consultants are used to getting regular promotions. Score well on your performance reviews and you are usually aware of which promotion cycle you will secure your next run up the ladder.

In corporate and start-ups however promotions work very differently.

Yes, you need to perform, but your performance is only 10% of the equation. 30% relates to your image and how others perceive you at work. Your perceived gravitas and EQ etc. A whopping 60% + is attributed to your exposure.

Doing a good job is all well and good but if nobody knows about it you are likely to get overlooked.

I find this is a problem for top-performing consultants moving into the industry who do not know how to network, look up the chain, and self-advocate for themselves and then get frustrated when overlooked for a promotion.

Daily my colleagues and I are having conversations with candidates who are exploring the market only to get their next run up the ladder.

NEWSFLASH- There are not many in-demand roles out there that will just give you the next level up and a 30% increase in salary just because you feel you deserve it and are not getting it where you are! (Can you tell we have this conversation on a daily basis?)

So you need to self-advocate to the right people at the right time.

You need to be clear on what you want from your career and what your career goals are. How can you communicate this to others if you do not know yourself? Get specific.

Now think about your energy and your presence and work on your confidence. If you believe in yourself others will follow suit. (Just mind not to go too far the other way, a massive ego can also be your downfall.

Look up and identify who can help you get to where you want to be. What are their goals and values?

Ensure you understand what management’s expectations are and what good looks like from their perspective. Do you understand where the company is going and how you play a part in that success?

Some useful tips to help for self-advocating and being seen.

1. Schedule catch-ups and mentoring sessions with a variety of stakeholders.

2. Build genuine, mutually beneficial relationships with them. Ask them what is keeping them up and night. Can you put your hand up to take some of their stresses off them? They will remember that!

3. Speak up in meetings. Be present in the office when you know management is around. The value of those water cooler chats is undeniable, although, with more flexible working, these are happening less and less. Be the one that stands out.

4. Work on your executive presence. Do you have a blind spot, ask for honest feedback from peers and friends. Many don’t as they do not like to feel critiqued however you want to make sure, when you are standing out to leadership, it is for the right reasons.