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Women in strategy

The Founders at Oaktree Talent Group are extremely proud of the rate of their female placements, especially at that harder to source senior level. OTG truly believe that businesses thrive when there is a diverse leadership team in place and congratulate their client partners for embracing this important topic. On presenting a diverse shortlist, we succeed where others often fail – citing there is no female talent in the market. Indeed they are harder to find, however Oaktree Talent Group go the extra mile in this respect by actively building communities of female talent through multiple sources and trusted relationships. 

Much has been said about gender diversity and a lot is being done to move the needle. Things are changing slowly but surely, however there is always that little bit more we can all do to ensure we are supporting women to reach their true potential in business.

10 career tips for women in management consulting

10 Top Career Tips for Women from Management Consulting

It has been cited many times that when presented with a promotion opportunity, women tend to look at what skills they do not have for the role as opposed to what they can offer and back themselves to learn the rest on the job. As opposed to their male peers who readily put their hands up for…

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